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Smile ANGLICO Association Reunion: Great gathering

The 2013 ANGLICO Association reunion was a great success. We had ANGLICO veterans from 1952 to the present in attendance. 1 st ANGLICO was kind to host the 2013 ANGLICO Association reunion. The Association members in attendance were given tours of the new 1 st ANGLICO facilities at area # 41. The
Association members walked the new halls, and came across many pictures, that 1 st ANGLICO placed there, to honor the ANGLICO Marines of the past. From the Korean War to the Present Conflict.
To our complete surprise, there were many pictures of the ANGLICO Association members, from years gone bye. Many Members, had misty eyes, when they noticed that they were in the many pictures.
We had a good ANGLICO Association business meeting on Saturday morning.

The highlight of Saturday evening / night was the ANGLICO Association Awards and Dinner gathering.
We had a good turn out, and 1 st ANGLICO CO, and SgtMajor and their guests were in attendance. We honored one of 1 st ANGLICO's finest. We honored S/Sgt, select, Ryan Eskandary. We also honored Col Ransom and his wife for their work with the Wounded Veterans. We also had a special salute to two Association Widows, that lost their husbands. Mrs Campbell, and Mrs Fiedler.

I am very proud to lead this fine ANGLICO Association for the next two years. I want to thank all of the ANGLICO Association members that were able to make the 2013 reunion at Camp Pendleton, Ca.

I hope to see all of the ANGLICO Association members at the next scheduled reunion. To be held at San Antonio, Texas in 2015.

Joe L. Luque
President ANGLICO Association
"Not Many - But Much"
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